Ready to be a part of something inspiring and gain access to your tribe? Let’s connect and make it happen. We’re on the lookout for startups and brands making a difference in the world. Don’t worry, we like big companies too.


plant-based everything

Cafe Namaste provides brands, caterers, and restaurants an opportunity to share their plant-based goods with our community. A key component to the Cafe Namaste event series is connection over brunch. In our opinion, serving food to the community is one of the greatest acts of kindness. It nourishes our community and gives them an opportunity to create deeper connections with other attendees.

  • All of our food is plant-based.

  • Minimizing the amount of plastic is essential. If you must use plastic, bring your own recycling bin.

  • Leave no trace behind.

  • Compostable serviceware required by all vendors on site


what we look for

Cafe Namaste accepts vendors of all kinds, with a special focus on brands making an impact that are eco-friendly and fair-trade. The pop-up shop will host designers, brands, and health and wellness professionals who share their special goods with the Cafe Namaste community. All of our vendors are committed to fueling your soul.

  • Yoga accessories

  • Apparel

  • Food (plant-based)

  • Handmade jewelry

  • Small-batch bath and beauty products


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