what is cafe namaste?

cafe culture meets wellness

Cafe Namaste™ is a pop-up wellness platform to bring passionate people together to fuel their souls with meaningful experiences, yoga, healthy plant-based food, and inspiration.

the why

We want to live in a world where people celebrate life and thrive. This is a place to bring out the best version of you while connecting with your community in a meaningful way. It’s a place to fuel your soul.

the values

what we stand for

self-improvement * community * freedom * integrity * impact * kindness * truth * fun

our special brew

cafe namaste™ blend



This isn't just another yoga class. This is about igniting purpose and getting clear on your truth. Each class ends with intention setting and audience interaction.



Movement is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Empowering classes with a bit of sweat and relaxation to recover.



We feature brands that live authentically, commit to a cause, or a higher vision.



Connection is key. We create a space to share big ideas and meaningful conversations with healthy plant-based food, & beverages.


Life should be celebrated. Our events have an element of fun, like a pool party with floaties.


Our peeps

who shows up

Our tribe are passionate people open to new ideas that fuel their soul. They are the visionaries, creators, or entrepreneurs that want to level up in all ways: physically, mentally, and professionally. The want to evolve and create an impact. Overall, they’re good people committed to their development, love being out in the community, and still enjoy being a kid once in a while.